Inherent Values

Consciously working on yourself is not possible without including your environment – and how you handle it.
From the very creation of Centrum Athanor, the centre has been subtly and energetically adjusted to the environment that we chose, the environment that crossed our path. During that realisation, sustainability and the re-use of materials have been predominant factors.
Naturally, that doesn’t end with the realisation of the construction, it is continued in the centre’s daily operations. In addition, there are plans to extend this even further, both in the existing buildings and with new construction plans.

Sustainable construction

During the renovation of the main building, special attention was paid to energy consumption, insulation, and reducing the electromagnetic radiation in places where people sleep and work. For the creation of the atmosphere within, we used clay paint and added a finishing touch with wood from the immediate environment. Our dinner tables, for example, are made from uprooted oaks from a neighbouring estate, that didn’t survive a storm.
We used straw bales for the construction of the new building at the stone circle, and a layer of shells under the floor ensures the insulation. The wooden slabs on the outside of the building come from small, local sawmills and the wood itself is from indigenous trees.
Our new construction plans stretch even further, and also include heat recovery, solar energy, green roofs, etc.

Sustainable construction isn’t just about the use of sustainable materials, it’s also about building in a way that is beneficial to both man and the environment. We take it even a step further! Read all about it in the section on ‘Creating Space’ on the "Philosophy & Backgrounds".

Sustainable demolition

An important aspect in a location where hundreds of square metres of buildings are modified or listed for demolition to make room for new buildings. By carefully dismantling the old farmhouse, a lot of materials were retained for re-use in the renovation of the main building. Wooden beams for the timber frame structure, roof tiles, sheet materials, etc. will be serving new purpose for many years, and this mainly in the building at the stone circle. Even the steel trusses frame from the demolished open-sided barn have been re-used for the construction of the new building.

Awareness in the kitchen

For the preparation of our delicious meals, we like to use the full flavour of organic products. Where possible, we attach even more importance to fair trade products. And, if good products are available in our own region, they come at a great advantage in terms of transportation: fewer kilometres means less impact on the environment.

Cleaning and personal care

Ever since we founded Centrum Athanor, we have been using the innovative products from Eco-Point: safe, ecologically responsible, and thus an environmentally friendly maintenance and cleaning product.
For your personal care you can find soap and shampoo, from organic ingredients, in your bedroom.

Ecological management

Centrum Athanor’s terrain was saved from intensive corn cultivation and we manage it ecologically. In this way, the effects of over-fertilisation are gradually being reduced, and natural vegetation is finding its way back.
By planting indigenous trees and bushes, a new biotope has come to life, offering a new home to a wide diversity of birds and small game. The ponds and puddles offer a paradise for frogs, salamanders, and more.
The land also produces organic products that we use to make homemade apple and pear juice, plum jam, and herbs and flowers for salads. The thicker branches and logs from pruning are used for the wood stoves.

In balance

The ideology of Centrum Athanor closely matches that of ECOintention. The vision of ECOintention is that everything is energy and that man can fortify this energy and direct it with attention and intention. It implies a complete and unabridged way of working. The vitality and health of the organisation – both physical and non-physical – are first measured and then balanced.
Coherence is predominant; a consistent and meaningful whole, providing its unique contribution to the world. Awareness and transformation processes are accelerated and more sustainable.
Centrum Athanor has undergone this process of balancing.