The team

With our small, yet dedicated team we facilitate your stay in the best way we can and make it as pleasant as possible. How? With a lot of care and attention. Please feel free to ask questions.

Of course, it’s always nice to hear that everything is going well and running smoothly. But we also appreciate to hear when something is wrong, not as you would like it to be, or if there is room for improvement. We can learn from that. Moreover, we can often change something quickly or set things straight, to better meet your needs.
Did you forget something, or do you need a helping hand? Even in those cases we can often be of service!

We are

Leo van Vugt

Co-founder Centrum Athanor.

Joos Holster

Co-founder Centrum Athanor.

Karen Roco

Ensures that everything is clean and set in time to receive the next group. Helps in the kitchen and wherever else when needed. Back-up for Joos and Leo.


Mirjam makes delicious dinners; creatively and with passion. She works under the name Mirjams Keukenbrigade which translates as Mirjam’s Kitchen Brigade.

Mirjam's website images

Wouter Lindeman

Ecological management of the garden/grounds.


The maintenance of the complex – especially the grounds – is largely performed with the help of (highly appreciated) volunteers! Interested?

Mail us!