Outdoor bliss

Centrum Athanor features an enormous garden. Or rather, a park. With large old trees, thickets and clearings. Wonderful for walking and exploring. Packed with peaceful places to sit back and enjoy Nature. Adjacent to the main building and the meditation area, there are large terraces with seating, so you can also work, eat, catch up, etc. outdoors.
All that outdoor space is also suitable as part of your programme. When we established the centre, we took this into account and we partly shaped it. Our stone circle is a locus of energy and a wonderful place for meditation, systemic work, ceremonies, etc. There’s also a labyrinth, a fire pit and many more special    outdoor places

Or make use of the options in the activities our offer. Or one of the activities with BuitenBusiness.
Please contact us and we’ll talk further.

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Surrounding area

Centrum Athanor borders on Ampsen Estate: 1500 acres of woods, fields, and characteristic farms. A beautiful area for walking. Peaceful and quiet; very few visitors. You might, however, run in to some deer, a herd of mouflons, or even a badger.
On the other side of our centre, you can find the vastness of the fields, country lanes with grand oak trees and the characteristic acacias. Plenty of space to marvel at both sunrise and sunset!

Lochem is six kilometres from the centre. It is a lovely old town with a surprising number of facilities, places worth seeing, and cosy terraces. Within that same radius, you can also find the smaller towns Markelo and Laren. The MORE museum in Gorssel houses the largest collection of contemporary Dutch realism. The road that takes you there passes through the beautiful silvan landscape, skirting exquisite estates - it is an outing in itself.