Breaks and energizers is our partner for a number of original and professional activities.
These can be brief or lengthy, very active in nature or rather, profoundly relaxing, refreshing or deepening. Focussing on the atmosphere within the group, communication and cooperation or leadership, dealing with resistance and pushing boundaries.
The selection below is perfectly attuned to the possibilities of our venue. These are more or less ready-for-use activities. In consultation, they can be adjusted so that the activity seamlessly matches your purpose.
The result: an inspiring experience.

The documentation below is not in English. Fortunately, the images give an idea of what can be expected. Please contact us for more information in English.

Playing with energy


Outdoor cooking

Dogs mirror personality

Anti-stress workshop


Building bridges

Blindfolded archery

Tarot for companies

Tai Chi

Teambuilding + birds of prey