Always an Appropriate Solution

Our offer is very diverse.
We offer a wide range of options to add to your programme or which can be adjusted to it.
Inspiring activities which make use of the special places which abound in our centre.
Activities offered by For the corporate world, but not in a damp office or on a computer screen. Almost everything is done outdoors!
These activities are mainly aimed at team building, but they can just as well be used as a break during other meetings. Or they might even offer new perspectives in a programme that you designed yourself.
We also boast an extensive network of professionals with whom we will gladly put you in contact.
Trainers, coaches and educators who visit us in search of a suitable location become inspired by what we have here, the unexpected possibilities, and the story of how the centre came into being.
Please inquire about the possibilities.
Or rather make an appointment, drop by and allow yourself to be inspired by what you hear, see and feel.

So many possibilities


Our offer of trainings,
workshops and retreats
that you can subscribe to.


Range of Activities

Our offer of inspiring activities
that can be included in your workshop/intensive.



Original and professional activities which we offer in cooperation with



Overview of available dates.
Just give us a call at +31 (0)573-421 111
Sometimes dates can be rearranged.


The area

The possibilities our grounds have to offer and what you can do in the surrounding area.


Gardening & Chores Days

A couple of times per year we organise days for volunteers to help us perform the necessary maintenance.