Our offer of workshops/activities

We offer numerous possibilities for you to complement or complete your programme. This can be a short break or an intensive programme; for sheer relaxation or rather to boost the energy levels. A session or an entire day, in addition to your programme or as part of it. These workshops/activities are led/guided by professionals with extensive experience. Everything is customised, tailored to your needs.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Some examples

  • Cooking workshop under the inspiring guidance of our chef Mirjam

  • Relax with singing bowls

  • Systemic constellations for companies

  • Forging together

Let yourself be heard

‘Let yourself be heard’ gets everyone out of his or her comfort zone in 15 to 30 minutes. By using vocal cords and singing, the group absorbs more energy and becomes more vital, looser and more open in an airy and natural way.
It doesn’t matter whether someone has the voice of a nightingale or far from it. It’s all about (having the guts to) express sound. And accepting the result. By combining the free use of your voice with breathing techniques, physical exercises and movement, you break through the barriers of blockages and embarrassment together. Everybody lets himself or herself be heard, and it’s ok!
During a workshop of 1.5 hours, we go deeper into an exploration of your own strength. Everybody really strives for their own potential. These workshops are perfect for inclusion in a team day as a team building activity. The interconnectedness of the group is strengthened, while everybody is clearly seen as an individual.

Walking the labyrinth

The labyrinth is an ancient symbol for your life’s path. A winding path, free of crossroads, leads you right to the centre and back out again. Walking the labyrinth is helpful in the search for the core value of your life, in finding the answers to questions. It can lead to the creation of new connections in astonishing ways.

Djembe, percussion

A workshop that has become well known over time. And it is still always fun and effective! It’s profoundly relaxing and stimulating to work together in a surprisingly different way. Everyone’s contribution is equally important to the whole - you create the result together! Focussing on the rhythm and carefully listening to each other is of the utmost importance to achieve the stated objective (a great performance).

Hot tub or sauna

A great place to end the day: in the hot tub. How would you like to lie back in the steaming water under a clear canopy of stars? We have just the right place near the main building and we can set everything up for you. The diameter of the hot tub is about 160 cm (6 persons).
A mobile sauna is also possible.


An ideal accompaniment to a retreat, but also to other activities. In addition to the classic massage, you can also enjoy foot reflexology treatments, body wraps, hot stone and pressure point massages.
The treatments are performed by a natural therapist with extensive experience in a wide field (including nutrition Bach Flower remedies, algae body wraps, Touch for Health, etc.). If there is sufficient interest, she comes down to our centre, where we reserve a separate room for her to work her magic .

Hot stone massage


It’s so wonderful, healthy and satisfying to be active outdoors, being with Mother Nature. Take your leave from the daily hustle and bustle, clear your mind and dig your hands into the soil. Then take a step back and admire the result.
There’s always something that needs done in our garden.