Workshops & intensives

Centrum Athanor is a place for experiencing.
With qualities and an energy that do not oppress but embrace. In such a way that the location itself offers a good starting point and contributes to the activities that take place. The energy is just there.
This makes the centre unique of its kind.

An excellent location for workshops and intensives. To get to the bottom of a subject and dig deep without being disturbed. Or walk that extra mile you usually never get around to doing. To turn a different corner and discover new angles. To try something entirely new.

In the background, we take care of the service, almost without you noticing us.
You can focus entirely on what you came here for.

Organiser & facilitator

In cooperation with others, and by ourselves, we organise and facilitate a wide range of training courses, workshops and retreats. In most cases residential.
Again with the assurance that you will not be disturbed. Private, confined within your own atmosphere. With the possibility to work both indoors and outdoors.

In addition, we offer a wide range of activities and breaks to support your programme and to form part of it. We are happy to help you further.
Activities Breaks Programme

As within, so without

The relation, the interconnectedness between what’s on the inside and what’s on the outside is a key focus at Centrum Athanor. Therefore, we have created outdoor working areas where one can experience the unity and interaction of what’s within with what’s without – both literally and figuratively. This provides for unprecedented possibilities, all brought together in a single location.
Discover the magic of the place.
Although silence is one of our core qualities, you can also make quite a lot of noise here, without being a nuisance to anyone else. And we are not surprised when intensive work leads to unleashing feelings and emotions.


Clients and Partners