To withdraw, to go back to basics and to the fire within is easier in a supportive and evocative environment.
Centrum Athanor is a popular venue for retreats.
The peace and simplicity of the building and the immediate surroundings form the ideal ambience. Moreover, there’s never more than one group using the building at a time.
As for us, we know how to respect the peace like no one else.
The interior set-up of the workroom can be adjusted at will. In addition to comfortable chairs, we also have yoga mats, meditation seats and cushions. Candles and incense are allowed in the workrooms. Naturally, we provide the finishing touch in the form of a beautiful bunch of flowers.

The area is peaceful and quiet, and at night it is still really dark. The terrain includes numerous spots that contribute to stillness and the inward journey. Walking the labyrinth offers the perfect support. Or the magic of a shimmering fire.
For a somewhat longer (silent) walk, the woods and fields of the Ampsen estate opposite (600 ha) offer a wide range of possibilities. Especially on ‘our side’ of the estate, there are very few walkers.


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