What more do we offer?

  • Wide-screen monitor

    For your truly sharp presentation, we have a 42" screen with laptop connectivity.

  • Recharging your electric car

    Our car park also includes two - regular - sockets where you can recharge your car.

  • Wifi

    Free Wi-Fi is available in the main building.

  • Piano

    The workroom features a quality digital piano with touch-sensitive keys.

  • Printing / Copying

    We gladly offer you the service of printing and/or copying your documents.

  • Pick-up service

    By appointment, we can pick you up from Lochem station. Free of charge.

  • Rooms available until lunch

    Usually, you can make use of your room until lunch (around 14h00).

  • What would Athanor be without fire?

    Wood for the stove, the fire basket, or a campfire at the sweat lodge site can be used freely.

  • Boots and umbrellas

    For rainy days or for when the terrain is wet with rain or morning dew.

  • Questions?

    We are happy to assist you the best we can. Feel free to call or mail us (Contact Details at the bottom of the page).