Training & Coaching

Both our indoor and outdoor facilities are stimulants for professional awareness work, and for personal growth and development. Whether it concerns effectiveness, management skills or leadership, at our centre you will find the right ambience for each task.
Ideal for group work, and just as good for one-on-one consultations. The atmosphere, the tranquillity and the energy of the location greatly contribute to that process.
After all, there’s no better place to empower someone than in a centre of power.

Centrum Athanor also has that requisite look for corporate re-orientation sessions: not too formal, people quickly feel at ease here. And all the while, the service remains of the highest quality.
We’re also happy to help you with your programme. We know professionals, for example, who can help you look at people and organisations in relation to one another, to its environment and to the whole, from a different perspective.
To connect and unite, that is our mission.


Clients and Partners