Training Centre

Centrum Athanor is an inspiring environment for all those who want to be an inspiration to their own environment.
We designed the centre thematically with the intention of making the connection of all individuals with the greater whole tangible and perceptible, experienced and felt. The thematic setup entices you to stray from well-worn paths, without ever being intrusive - an excellent location for a wide variety of reasons!
In alchemy, the athanor is a furnace that triggers a transmutation process.
The crucible in which the earthly lead is turned into glistering gold!
That is precisely what Centrum Athanor aims to be.

Tailored to your every need

No training is the same. A retreat and a workshop require different settings. This we know from our own experience. It is our pleasure to tailor your stay to your every need. I you wish, we can work out the perfect programme or facilities together.
Please find the options below for more detailed information.
Naturally, you can also rely on our professional skills. In addition to a ton of experience, we come with an extensive network of trainers, coaches, etc.

Exclusive use

We offer space in more ways than one.
Literally, with a spacious main building and three acres of grounds including a man-sized stone circle, a labyrinth, and many other possibilities.
Figuratively, we offer the exclusive use of the venue and there are virtually no rules holding you back. There are no other guests on the premises, your group's own atmosphere is preserved, and you can set to work intensively - undisturbed.

A centre for ...

Training & coaching

To discover your passion, your flame,
at a place where the fire burns bright!


Intensives & workshops

To take it to a deeper level without restraints, to experience even more!



To be still and contemplate.
In the silence of Centrum Athanor



To be given the space to find one another.
Original and surprising possibilities.


Corporate Retreat

Working on mission and strategy.
In an inspiring environment
where roads rarely run straight.



What (else) we offer in terms of practical support to make your stay a successful one.


Clients and Partners