No great stay without... great food.

Both breakfast and lunch are offered in the form of a buffet with ample choice and variety. Lunch also includes homemade soup and a fresh salad. Coffee, (herbal) tea, water, fresh fruits, and some treats are there for the taking during the entire day..

With great enthusiasm, and even more flavour, the dinners are prepared by Mirjam from Mirjam's Keukenbrigade. You can really taste it! Her vegetarian dishes are also widely praised. A standard dinner consists of a main dish and a dessert. If so desired, the menu can be extended by one or more courses. And, if you communicate your dietary wishes in advance, we are usually able to take them into account.

We gladly adjust the time schedule for meals to your programme. Maybe you have special requests that match or support your retreat or training. We are happy to oblige. You can also have your hot meal at noon!

The tables are solid, the chairs are comfortable – inviting you to linger. There are different brands of beer and soft drinks, and of course, the delicious red and white house wines are never in short supply.