plattegrond terrein

Centrum Athanor comprises three hectares in the scenic landscape of the Achterhoek. The grounds have been designed as a park, taking into account the surrounding landscape.
It is managed ecologically.
Nature doesn't just provide a peaceful environment here; most of all it is a source of inspiration. Silence, space, darkness, and green are inextricably linked to Centrum Athanor. A place that invites you – by experiencing yourself – to make new connections that enrich and deepen your life.

The relationship between what the centre has to offer both indoors and outdoors is unique. When locating the places outdoors, the starting point was the geomancy of the terrain, so that everything remains in relation and interconnected, and a very natural and pleasant balance is maintained.
In a way, the man-sized stone circle is an experiment. Through its orientation towards the current phases of the sun and moon, it’s a small reflection of a larger whole. Here, the eternal and the transient meet, and a locus of energy emerges – grows.

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Stone circle

Stone Circle

Inspired by the megalithic places of old, we built this new stone circle. It is intended as an outdoor work place: whether it be for ceremonies, meditation or systemic family/business constellations. As part of your programme, or maybe even the main goal. Places like this discretely add to what is being done.
In a group, or alone, just like that. Knowing yourself surrounded by these stones is an experience in itself. Through intention and use, a true locus of energy has emerged.
If you would like to learn more, we will be happy to give you, or your group, further details about the stone circle. Where the stones are from, how they were placed, etc. In cooperation with different partners, we also offer various activities in the stone circle.

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The labyrinth of Centrum Athanor is laid out following the example of ancient classical labyrinths. It consists of seven corridors and it is nothing more than a mere pattern in the landscape.
Walking the labyrinth is a special experience. It’s like walking the path of your life to its very core. Mindful walking brings you to your inner self in the here and now, and gives you an opportunity to understand yourself more deeply. Even if you walk the labyrinth without such a question in mind, it will still have a healing effect, and bring harmony and peace to your heart.
Walking the labyrinth is one of the activities we offer to complete your programme.
Naturally, you can also walk the labyrinth by yourself. A brief explanation is available at the centre.

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Even more possibilities ...

Courtyard and open-sided barn

‘Outside’ is literally nearby: both the work room and the dining room have patio doors that give onto a large terrace/ courtyard. Equipped with seats, a large fire basket … Ideal for watching the stars.
The open-sided barn offers a cosy and sheltered sitting area, even when it’s raining. No need for feeling cold thanks to the terrace heating. Ideal for smokers.     More images

Fire pit area

A lovely private field, surrounded by trees, bushes, and a high windbreak made of pruned branches. And a fire pit.
This terrain also offers the possibility of a sweat lodge. Cold tap water is available, and basic utilities in the form of a toilet, a sink and a small worktop.
For fire-walking, we have a different location at your disposal.     More images

Pond, paths and ‘just because’ spots

Yoga on the lawn in the orchard? Enjoying wild flowers in an unspoilt setting between two majestic oaks? Or looking at the countless frogs in the pond?
Even people who have been here many times in the past still discover places they hadn’t seen before...    More images