Centrum Athanor is located in a traditional Achterhoek farm of the 1930s. In 2006, the farmhouse was thoroughly renovated and redesigned to house the training centre. An atmospheric building with remnants of its past, but equipped with the comfort we know today. Furnished with a sense of harmony and a keen attention to detail.
Ideal for groups of 10 to 25 persons who want to have multi-day meetings without being disturbed.
The most special features of Centrum Athanor are the facilities and the various possibilities that have also been created outdoors.
Such as a man-sized stone circle, a large labyrinth, a secluded area for an open fire...
Places with a very special kind of energy.
An energy that affects you, without you even noticing, from the moment you arrive.
The grounds also include a smaller training centre with a separate meditation room (under construction).

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Explore the possibilities

Main Building

Training location and everything you need for a multi-day stay.


Meditation Area

Room and facilities near the stone circle. Also available for workshops.



The interconnectedness between ‘within’ and ‘without’ made concrete.